Today is not Sunday,  but it is somewhat of a Bunday.  Two years ago I was anxiously waiting to learn if the angora breeder would have babies for sale.  She let me know on April 20,2015 that she did have babies born!

I had been planning to get an angora rabbit for about seven years.  I waited until my older cat was gone, because she was always in my lap and I felt it would not be fair to her.  I dreamed of owning alpacas, but didn’t live where that was possible.  One day it hit me, I could get an angora rabbit, and fulfill my childhood dream as well as have a fiber pet!

I have learned so much about rabbits in two years.  There are so many bunnies who need rescued that I started looking at them when I felt Basil needed a companion.  Bunnies are social and love having a friend, once they are bonded.  It can be a slow process, but when Stu came to live at my cottage, he must have been lonely too.  They got along very well after slow introductions, following bonding advice.

Stu was not quite a rescue, but a bunny who had a good home.  His family was being transferred overseas and they were unable to take him.  Their loss has been my delight, as I watch the lovely friendship of Basil and Stu.

Today Basil is two years old!  The boys had an amazing two minute party together.  They just make me smile!

Birthday Bash
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