I have a “flannel addiction” and so did my mom.  She passed away almost ten years ago and I have been hoarding the flannels I inherited in her stash as well as, ahem, a few yards of my own!

Mom made a lot of quilts from flannels that she gave away, they were usually tied baby quilts.  She wouldn’t want these fabrics sitting around, she would want them being used!  So that is on my agenda.

I pulled out all the flannels I have, cut squares of 5.5″, 3.5″, 2.5″ strips and some 10″ squares. I left the larger pieces intact, and plan to use them as backing, or setting fabric.  I marked most of them with tags indicating the yardage.  I am not usually that organized!

As much as I love having a stash, my plan is to try to fully use what I have of these fabrics.  I hope to be able to share finished quilts soon.  Stay tuned!

Fun with Flannels

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