Last week Moda Fabrics posted a new block-of-the week that is hosted on the blog of six of their designers.  It is called “Moda Blockheads” and will run for 48 weeks.  You can read about the initial post here:

Moda Block Heads

I thought a block a week shouldn’t be too hard, even though I know I have a million other projects I should finish first.  I felt this was something I needed to do!  I am a sucker this way!  This probably explains the other million unfinished projects.  Lest you think I am using hyperbole in saying a million, let me assure you, it is really close to a million.  Might be one or two under (or over) but it is close enough to call it that.

Just to make it extra interesting, I decided to make two blocks.  That decision was partially based on my inability to decide on fabrics.  I am not much into 1800’s reproductions, but I have some and appreciate them.  The designers use that style, and the blocks are going to finish at 6 inches, so I thought that the small prints of that era might work best; and it makes me stretch a bit.  Trust me, using brown is a huge stretch for me!  Then I looked at my bin of pastel scraps, it is like a treasure box to me, memories of other quilts I have made and bits of fabrics that I love.  So, I had to do both!  Obvsiously!

My treasure box of scraps.

There are two ways of assembling the block, one is the traditional method of stitch and flip, the other is a layered patchwork.  I decided to do the pastels in the traditional way, and the reproduction prints in the way that Lynne Hagmeier, the designer suggests.   I really liked that method!  You layer the triangle pieces on top and then top stitch.  I considered, briefly, a contrasting blue thread but decided to make it match to hide any problems I might have.

I am eagerly looking forward to week two’s block, which is due to come out tomorrow.  Since I’m at home having a snow day today, I am considering a third in black and white fabrics, with a touch of some color…..lime green, turquoise, maybe hot pink?  Hard decisions!

There is a Facebook group called “Moda Blockheads” as well, and it has been fun to see everyone’s blocks on there.  They inspired me (should I say it this way or make it more blame sounding and accusatory?) to do the black and white ones after seeing several that were really nice.

My plan is to make a smaller quilt with the pastels, and probably the black and whites.  This way I will not do three blocks a week all 48 weeks.    I have a wall that I want to fill with small quilts anyway, and this is my excuse to start doing that!

There is still time to jump in and join me!


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