I like to make bags and purses, they give each me instant gratification, at least compared to a quilt!

I recently found a YouTube video for a bag called the “Squishy Bag”.  It looked like it would be just the right size for some knitting projects.  

I made two, both with cat fabrics, because they were out and accessible, but also because I think knitting bags are great places to use fabrics that make me smile, and I don’t care what the colors are–although it is fun to match them to your yarn sometimes!

My first bag is a gift for a friend, another cat person.  When I met her we worked in a quilt shop together.  Quilts and cats seem to go together, but this friend wasn’t a cat lover.  She thought those of us who were always chatting about out cats were a little nuts, I think.  But one day she mentioned a stray cat that had been coming around.   Next thing I knew, she had a cat!  I think she will enjoy her bag!  

I made the second bag for myself, I don’t do that often, but had a piece of a new fabric line, called “tabby road” by Tula Pink for Moda Fabrics.  I felt so controlled when I restricted myself to just one half yard of only one fabric in this line.  I still may cave and get more, but I am trying to be strong!

I meant to put it with a group of similar fabrics, mostly Kaffe Fasset prints, but then I thought the cats would get lost in a quilt possibly.  I noticed an fun orange print that I had and they looked so nice together, I decided I needed a bag from it!

My first bag went together nicely, because I watched the video.  For my second one, the one I was making for me, I decided I knew what I was doing.  I sewed the lining together first, made the box corners and realized that was NOT how to construct it! I hate to tear out, so I changed things, attached the zipper to the outside only, pressed the lining around the top and attached it with a top stitch around the edges.  It doesn’t look very nice up close, because I couldn’t get in the corners with the machine.  I did a back stitch by hand, but it’s “rustic”.  If you don’t inspect it too closely, it will pass.  The cat fabric makes me happy, and I finally made myself a little treat, so all is well!

If you would like to make a “Squishy Bag” be sure to follow her great instructions (not mine!) here:

           The Squishy Project Bag

I highly recommend this fun project!

Making a bag, and following the tutorial

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  • May 23, 2018 at 7:29 pm

    You have such wonderful fabrics. They make me smile too. 😊


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