I have a bin of scraps from my favorite types of quilts. They are soft colors, floral, lots of pinks and greens. I have tried to use them up, but it seems they multiply when I put the lid on and walk away!

Sometimes I don’t use them, because then they would be gone….except they wouldn’t! They would be in a finished item where I could see them rather than being hoarded in a bin! I am going to make it my goal to use them, even use them up completely! Ack!

Recently I saw information about Moda’s summer quilt along, and thought maybe that would jump start my quilting again. I thought about what fabrics to use, and decided after seeing the first block, a Dresden plate, that my pastel Scrappy stash might just work. It’s a mixture of fabrics, but most of them are Moda prints, fairly old because of my hoarding tendency!

This quilt along is a medallion quilt. The backing calls for 4 1/2 yards, so that’s the hint we have for the finished size. My goal is to try not to cut into any of my “big” pieces, like fat quarters, but instead to use things that are left from other projects. At least for as many rounds as I can do that. And if the end result is not the size I want, I can always finish with a single fabric. It should be a fun project!

Here is the link: Choose Your Own Adventure Quilt Along

Even as I try to use them up, I am saving things too small for regular piecing, because I have a pastel vision of a “vortex” quilt in my mind. (Like this one)

Then there are pieces even too small for that…and they get saved for stuffing dog beds, so I feel ok about throwing them away.

I tell you, I’m very attached to these little bits!

I’m enjoying sorting through and finding little pieces, even ironing them is fun!

Here is my center block and the first little border. I’m a bit behind, but hoping to catch up by next week!



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