I belong to a couple active groups on Ravelry and we do swaps occasionally.  I can never decide if I like planning my swaps or getting my package the most. Both are always great fun to me!

Our most recent swap was a fall-themed tree ornament.  The most obvious plan would be to knit a small pumpkin, but I quickly rejected that because I like to try to come up with something that seems a little unusual.  My idea started with a bag of white chocolate and candy corn flavored M&Ms I saw in the store.  I searched and found a cute knit candy corn pattern that I thought would work, and so my plan was set!

Candy corn crazy!

I think I might be a little dorky in my love for creating a theme for my swaps, but I don’t care.  I think it makes it easier–and at times harder–when I know what I want.  Occasionally it can make me go a little crazy searching, but it becomes kind of like a scavenger hunt for me!

In addition to the knit candy corn, and some unusual candy corn chocolates, I found candy corn socks and made a tiny bag from candy corn fabric.

The ornament is made from a free pattern from Purl Soho, you can find it here:

Knit Candy Corn

I tried my hand at creating my own quick, easy little bag pattern.  I did some things right, some wrong.  I hope to write a little tutorial on how I did it, without the parts I did wrong.  Stay tuned for that!

My little bag, candy corn from Purl Soho

I am excited for my partner to get her package.  We always send a note, and I have found I can even make that match, by printing a Google image on cardstock, then I attach it to a basic blank note card, these black and white ones work for everything! I like to use double sided foam tape to attach the image.

I hope you like seeing my dorky, sort of OCD need to match my gifts.  Kinda reminds me of how I used to always match my socks to my t-shirts.  I loved that look!

I am looking forward to the long weekend, hoping to get a bit of time in my sewing room.



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